Though this drawing from Ian McConville (of Mac Hall) isn't, strictly speaking, Scatterplot fanart, it is a picture of Chris and therefore is somewhat applicable as a portrait of Charles.
Besides, it's damn cool. I think that alone is enough justification to put it up.
This beautiful piece of fan art comes from Selaphri, a forumgoer who found Steve in a skirt rather inspiring.
Fan Yang (part of the inspiration for Angela) did this guest comic to fill in for me one day. She's also done a few others which I still need to find and scan.

I'm always willing to accept fanart... Maybe I'll put some of my own up here too, sometime.
If you should feel inspired to do fan art, send it (or a URL to it) to me at


This is the design created from the three pictures from Scatterplot Star Wars Art Week. They are available in the following sizes:
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